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Thursday, July 24, 2014
Masei brings us upto the end of Bemidbar and we also bless the New Moon, Rosh Hodesh Menachem Av, which is on Monday.
From Rosh Hodesh we stop eating meat or drinking wine until the day after the fast (except for Shabbat).

The Halacha corner - 9th of Av fast and Type 2 diabetes
A person with Type 2 diabetes is insulin resistant, studies have shown that a Type 2 diabetic who fasts will normalize his blood sugar, yet will not develop low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Medicines which lower blood sugar should not be taken during the fast.
If in doubt, consult your doctor.
Taken from "Guidelines: fasting with Type 2 diabetes" by Dr Martin Grajower.

The wellsprings of the Torah - מעינה של תורה
By Alexander Zusha Friedman - 1897-1943
Bemidbar - Masei 33:1 אלה מסעי בני ישראל אשר יצאו מארץ מצרים לצבאתם ביד משה ואהרון
"These are the journeys of the children of Israel, as they left the land of Egypt, by their hosts, under the hand (leadership) of Moshe and Aharon."
The first letters of the words "these are the journeys of the children of Israel" are Aleph - from אלה - Mem - from מסעי - Bet - from בני - and Yud - from ישראל
which hint at the four exiles to come:
Aleph - אדום - Edom. Traditional enemies of the Israelites, the Edomites were the descendants of Esau who often battled the Jewish nation. Edom was in southeast Palestine, stretched from the Red Sea at Elat to the Dead Sea, and encompassed some of Israel's most fertile land. The Edomites attacked Israel under Saul's rulership. King David would later defeat the rogue nation, annexing their land. At the fall of the First Temple, the Edomites attacked Judah and looted the Temple, accelerating its destruction. The Edomites were later forcibly converted into Judaism by John Hyrcanus, and then became an active part of the Jewish people. Famous Edomites include Herod, who built the Second Temple. (from the Jewish Virtual Library)
Mem - מדי - An Iranian people who inhabited ancient Media, establishing an extensive empire during the 7th century BC, which was conquered by Cyrus the Great of Persia in 550 BC.
Also used for the Medo-Persian empire, which had Daniel and later Modechai/Esther in high government positions. (from Wikipedia)
Bet - בבל - Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar was king of the Babylonian Empire, who reigned c. 605 BC – 562 BCE. He was responsible for the destruction of the first temple. (from Wikipedia)
Yud - יון - Yavan (Greece). Ptolemy appeared before the city (320 BCE), pretending that he wished to sacrifice, and seized it on a Sabbath, a day on which the Jews did not fight. Ptolemy is said to have taken many captives from Jerusalem and from the rest of Judea as well as from Samaria, and to have settled them in Egypt.(from Wikipedia)
From Nahal Kedumim - commentary on the Torah by Rabbi Hayyim Yosef David Azulay (1724 - 1806CE).

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The linear translation of Genesis includes the text and commentaries such as Rashi.
The Kitzur Shulchan Aruch is a concise version of the laws that govern the day to day life of a religious jew.

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