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Friday, October 31, 2014
In Israel, we changed to Winter time. At 2am on Sunday, we put the clocks back one hour,
Thursday night we started saying ותן תל ומטר "and give dew and rain for a blessing"
Shabbat is Parshat Lech Lecha.

The Halacha corner - what is the difference between "dew" and "rain"?
From Encyclopedia Britannica
Dew - the depositing of water drops formed at night by the condensation of water vapour from the air onto the surfaces of objects freely exposed to the sky.
Rain - the precipitation of liquid water drops with diameters greater than 0.5 mm (0.02 inch). When the drops are smaller, the precipitation is usually called drizzle.

The wellsprings of the Torah - מעינה של תורה
By Alexander Zusha Friedman - 1897-1943
Berashit - Lech Lecha 11:1 לך לך מארצך
"get you out of your country"
"for your own benefit and for your own advantage" (Rashi)
If this was meant to be a trial, why did Hashem say to him "for your own benefit and for your own advantage" which would considerably reduce the trial ?
This is the essence of the trial, would Avraham do this for his own benefit or because it was a command from Hashem.
However Avraham passed the test, as it says in Verse 4, "And Avram went as the Lord said to him".
He went because the Lord had told him, and not because it was to his benefit or advantage.

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The linear translation of Genesis includes the text and commentaries such as Rashi.
The Kitzur Shulchan Aruch is a concise version of the laws that govern the day to day life of a religious jew.

My translation into English is a Linear one, that is I try to keep to the Hebrew text order and phrasing, because my objective is to help people who want to learn in Hebrew, even though this sometimes makes the English less flowing.

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