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Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Shabbat is Parshat Toldot
We also bless the coming month of Kislev which comes on out-Shabbat and Sunday.
The actual (calculated) time of the new moon - המולד - is on Shabbat morning.

The Halacha corner - Wearing jewelry on Shabbat and Chugim
Women are allowed to wear jewelry on Shabbat and Chugim as it is considered like clothing.
On Chanuka it's considered a mitzvah for them to wear jewelry.
"On Rosh Hodesh, Hanuka and Purim women should change their clothes and not keep wearing their weekday clothes.
Also a woman who has gold jewelry should wear it on these days"
From Harav Mordecai Eliyahu - Mamar Mordechai - halacha for Ashkenaz and Sephard.

The wellsprings of the Torah - מעינה של תורה
By Alexander Zusha Friedman - 1897-1943
Berashit - Toldot 26:22 ויחפר באר אחרת ולא רבו עליה ויקרא שמה רחבות ויאמר כי עתה הרחיב ד' לנו
"and dug another well, and they didn't fight over that, and he named it Rehovot"
The first two wells foretold the first two temples, for then our enemies had control and could fight and destroy them.
Whereas the third well fortold the third temple in the time to come, about which there will be no arguments
that is, there will be רחובות - room - the Jews will be extensive and at peace
and no nation would dare to harm them
Ramban - Nahmanides, Rabbi Moshe ben Nahman (1194 - 1270 CE)

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The linear translation of Genesis includes the text and commentaries such as Rashi.
The Kitzur Shulchan Aruch is a concise version of the laws that govern the day to day life of a religious jew.

My translation into English is a Linear one, that is I try to keep to the Hebrew text order and phrasing, because my objective is to help people who want to learn in Hebrew, even though this sometimes makes the English less flowing.

Explanations on the methods used in the translations and graphics presentations, what to do if you don't see the Ivrit (Hebrew) text correctly, some suggestions for how best to learn using this material, and how to get in touch with me for more help or to give your comments or criticism - Help

Sources and references used for the Hebrew and English texts - Sources

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