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Monday, September 22, 2014
The Halacha corner - עשרת ימי תשובה - the ten days of repentance (and more).
First day Rosh Hashana is on Wednesday evening, Thursday, second day on Thursday evening and Friday.
התרת נדרים - on Wednesday morning after the services we nullify any vows we have made during the year, Kitzur 128:16,
the text is given in the regular festival prayer book (machzor) and is made in front of three men sitting as a Bet Din (court)
At the evening meal we have special signs to symbolise a good year such as apple dipped in honey Kitzur 129:9
The main feature of the Rosh Hashana services is the blowing of 100 notes on the Shofer (ram's horn) 129:13-19.
After the afternoon (Mincha) prayers of the first day, we go to a river or to the sea and say "Tashlich" Kitzur 129:21
The ten days from the first day of Rosh Hashana up to and including Yom Kippur (that is, from the first of Tishrei until the tenth) are called The Ten Days of Repentance עשרת ימי תשובה
Various changes and additions are made to the prayers during these days - Kitzur 129:1-6
Shabbat Haazinu האזינו "Give ear, you Heavens" follows on from Rosh Hashana (which is why we have to make an eruv on Wednesday (see last week).
Because the previous Shabbat was a double sedra, the Haftorah is from Vayelech and not Haazinu,
and starts (Hosea 34:2) שובה ישראל עד חשם "Return O Israel unto the Lord your G-d"
and is also known as "Shabbat Shuva" - Repentance - from the Haftorah.
Sunday is the fast of Gedalia, from dawn to dusk, to mourn the assassination of the Governor of Judah.
Gedalia was appointed by Nebuchadnezzar after the destruction of the first temple, and his death ended Jewish autonomy.
The fast is normally the first day after Rosh Hashana but is postponed one day
because we don't fast on Shabbat - except for Yom Kippur which is the case this year.

The wellsprings of the Torah - מעינה של תורה
By Alexander Zusha Friedman - 1897-1943
Devarim - Haazinu 32:7 בינו שנות דר ודר
"consider the years of each generation"
In every generation and in each period, there comes down from heaven new understanding of the Torah,
which explains and is compatible to the nature of that generation and period.
The pious of each generation understand the Torah to the extent that is needed to explaing and teach that generation...
From Chidushei HaRim - commentary on the Torah by Rabbi Yitzchak Meir Rothenberg Alter (1799 - 1866CE), the founder and first rebbe of the Ger dynasty.

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